Patan Durbar Square
Sunrise View from Sarangkot


Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a non-coastal country in South Asia. It is mainly situated in the Himalayas, but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, neighboring the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north, and India in the south, east, and west, while it is narrowly separated from Bangladesh by the Siliguri Corridor, and from Bhutan by the Indian state of Sikkim. Nepal has a diverse geography, including fertile plains, subalpine forested hills, and eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural state, with Nepali as the official language. Kathmandu is the nation’s capital and the largest city. Nepal is the land of Mount Everest [ The highest mountain of the world] and the birthplace of Gautam Buddha [ The founder of Buddhism]. Kathmandu, Lalitpur/Patan, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Sauraha, Lumbini-Tilaurakot etc. are some of the major tourist places/attractions of Nepal.

Kathmandu is the capital city and the most populous city of Nepal. It lies in the hilly region & it is surrounded by mountains. It lies at an elevation of 4,344 feet from the Sea Level. The term ‘Kathmandu’ is comprised of two words: Kath and Mandap. Kath refers to wood, whereas Madap refers to temple. Kathmandu is the business and commercial hup of Nepal. It is full of historic sites, ancient temples, shrines, and fascinating villages. It is rich in architecture, culture and rituals. It is famous for its religious monuments, Various temples, monasteries, stupas and local foods. The climate of Kathmandu is supposed to be the best climate of South Asia. Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa and Swoyambhunath Stupa are some of the attractions of City which are listed as the UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Bhaktapur is a part of Bagmati Province & a neighboring district to Kathmandu & Lalitpur. It is the smallest district of Nepal. It is famous for religious, cultural and historical heritages. It is rich in ancient arts, religious values, fabulous cultural traditions, architectural masterpieces and ancient sculptures. It is also known as open museum. Moreover, it is also famous as a city of gods. Bhaktapur has a cluster of temples, pagodas, monuments, courtyard, squares. traditional houses, artistic stones, taps, also Buddhist shrines and monasteries built in different times of the history. Newari life style and their fabulous traditions and rituals are reflected in Bhaktapur. Five storied temple, Bhaktapur durbar Square, Changunarayan Temple, 55 Windows Durbar, (Palace) Dattatraya Area and Siddhapokhari are some of the major attractions of Bhaktapur.

Lalitpur/Patan is historically known as Patan and is the fourth most populated city of Nepal. It is the neighboring city to Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. It is best known for its rich cultural heritage, particularly its tradition of arts and crafts. It is city renowned for its festival and feast, fine ancient art, and the making of metallic, wood and stone carved statues. Patan Durbar Square is the main attraction of Lalitpur which is listed as the UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Pokhara is the second largest city of Nepal, which is supposed to be the tourism capital of Nepal. It is rich in natural beauties with lakes, mountains, gorges, river, caves, temples and greenery. Pokhara is best known for the stunning view of the Annapurna range. It is the gateway to Annapurna Circuit. The city has a humid subtropical climate. It is around 200 kilometers away from Kathmandu. By road, it takes around 7 hours and only 25 minutes by air.

Sauraha is the Eastern Part of Chitwan which is one of the important tourist destinations of Nepal. It is famous for Chitwan National Park which is rich in natural beauty and biodiversity. We can observe various wild animals and birds in this park. We can enjoy the ethnic cultures too. It lies near to Rapti River. It is around 150 kilometers away From Kathmandu. By road, it takes around 5 hours and around 20 minutes by air.

Lumbini is another important tourist destination of Nepal. It is situated in Rupandehi District of Nepal. It is the holiest place where Lord Buddha was born. Gautam Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. Hence, Lumbini is one of the holiest places to visit for Buddhist Religion, where the devotes of Buddhism around the world do come. It is famous for its peace and harmony. Mayadevi temple, Marker Stone, Ashokan pillar, Myanmar Golden Temple, World Peace Pagoda, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar, China temple and Lumbini Museum are the major attractions of Lumbini. It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tilaurakot is the place where Lord Buddha spent his first 29 years of his life. This place has been identified as the actual capital of Kapilvastu region in ancient times and the home of King Suddhodana. The site sits in a field near the banks of Banganga River. It is situated at a distance of 27 KM west from Lumbini. This place has some remaining of ancient Kapilvastu.

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